Notes about writing a technical blog

So here I am, 5 months after kicking off this blog. I have to say that I have a renewed respect for the people who are able to consistently generate useful content day after day. Wow.

Writing the 5 part series Transformations of Networking was a lot more work than I expected. The idea came to me when I considered how much the hub, the switch and the layer3 switch changed networking — and how much these technologies still resemble each other. But I constantly worried about the data that I left out, and the feel of the series at the end changed, as the topics went from networking technology that is long gone to stuff that I’m working on right now. So instead of a history of networking, it blended into today’s networking and these things that we’re going to continue doing into the future.

Another challenge is that I’m not seeking to be funny, or sarcastic, or scathing. I’m just trying to provide something that will be useful to a new network engineer, and maybe even my peers. So that meant that I had to seek out and find the information that was useful, without rehashing what is already available — this is why you’ll see many references to sites that I consider authoritative, and sites that should be unbiased enough to give a fair understanding of the networking world.

Nonetheless, there are lots of things to write about so I’m going to go on, and using these articles as a base I can go forward and write about fun stuff like high-availability, IP telephony, network security and on and on. My plan is to release an article every week (technical one week and something more personal the next) on Thursday mornings. So keep watching and waiting.

Lastly, I sure would like some commentary, so this doesn’t seem so much like a one-way conversation — and I can tell from Google Analytics that you’re visiting. The site should be able to handle your questions so if you think I’ve gone wrong somewhere, or if you need clarification on something then by all means let me know.


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